Lights Out.

Every 60 minutes, an hour passes. Every hour, three species goes extinct because of climate change. Lights out at 20.30 WIB tonight!

Earth Hour caught popularity worldwide and has been celebrated since 2008. The idea of ​​celebrating Earth Hour was initiated by members of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature to save the environment. For this year’s Earth Hour, Let us remind ourselves on how climate change is killing our animals both in land and oceans.

Since the Industrial Revolution, human beings have changed 75 percent of the Earth in the name of the human race’s economic growth to fulfill their aspirations. Concrete jungles have now replaced dense forests. Most of the wildlife is replaced by cars, vehicles, and automobiles, while birds are replaced by airplanes and spacecraft. Simultaneously, through their activities, human beings, while blindly exploiting all the natural resources, are releasing vast amounts of gases into the atmosphere. As a result, the Earth’s average temperature has increased by more than 1 degree Celsius since then.

The primary purpose of celebrating Earth Hour seems to be a small effort to save the environment from the rising amount of greenhouse gases by turning off the non-essential lights for just one hour a year. But if you think deeply, curbing the use of non-essential lights is an excellent lesson in protecting human beings and other organisms from all kinds of harm.

Turn off all of your non-essential lights tonight at 20.30 WIB.

Don’t miss it out.


 by the author.



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